Homework, to 6 Nov

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Homework, to 6 Nov

Postby Paul » Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:58 pm

From Nikos on Facebook ...

The homework for this weekend and Monday will focus around the hip, gluteus, core area

The stronger those are the more you will float, the more you will run stronger, more efficient and better. The way you would have to visualise this is floating over the ground not coming down with a huge force and spending huge amount of energy to push forward again

Ok you should be done in 15 minutes a day but keep the intensity and focus on the muscles high

Start with the cat exercise 25 reps of going out stretching the spine and then curling in activating all the core

Stay on your four and work the exercises I showed for the different glut groups. That s 20 donkey kicks, 20-25 side leg raises, 25 forward knee circles working on the flexibility of the hip ball and socket joint

From the table position go straight into plank and hold for 30 sec X 6 with 10 sec -15 sec recovery in superman position

Followed by 25 lemon crunches and then go into child pose and stay there for as long as you want relaxing. Remember to inhale and exhale ...we train our lungs too.
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Re: Homework, to 6 Nov

Postby nikos » Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:45 pm

Thanks for posting the homework Paul.

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