Homework from 10th to 12th Nov

To discuss the 'xtra' training organised by Nikos for the Club.

Homework from 10th to 12th Nov

Postby nikos » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:59 am

Saturday strength
Three exercises for Saturday:
Pelvis bridges, lie down on your back and lift your hips as high as you can. Adjust your heels closer or further to the mat until you get full gluteus activation. Inhale in when coming down, exhale when you push the hips up
Cat exercise: on your four as we did before you unlock your spine by arching in and arching out. Arching in activate your spine and stretch your abs, arching out activate your and stretch the spine. Inhale when coming in exhale when arching up and make sure you lift your bum as high as you can to work on the last bit of flexibility
125 squats: 2 sets of the tree different types of squats. Remember to inhale and exhale, remember to go a bit further lower than 90 degrees on the way down. Keep your knees facing forward and do it slowly. Even if you are racing squats will make your legs feel powerful so still do it but roll the muscles with foam roller at the end

Sunday strength and balance
Monday upper body focused strength

These homework workouts are short, you can usually finish them in 15 min by the intensity should be kept high. You can do them even if you had a long or race.
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