Homework Nov 17th -19th

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Homework Nov 17th -19th

Postby nikos » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:28 am

Homework for this week. It doesn't take long to do these routines, please do them as intense as you can and control your breathing, inhale, exhale...very important


Leg lifts ...you lie on your mat lift the legs straight almost to 90 degrees facing the sky and the movement you have to focus on is bringing them down to almost inches over the ground slowly (the eccentric way). Perhaps putting a ball, like a football for now between the ankles will help you control the downwards movement better. Or even better you can do these at the edge of a bed,in that case you dont need to lift the all the way up, just focus on the slow controlled drop working on the lower abs 15-20 of these

Then you roll after 10sec and you do superman flying...the one you lift your legs up and arms extended up and hold for a few seconds and down an up 10-15 of these. Your gluteus and other little back muscles will be engaged too. Slow smooth movements.

8 sets alternating 4 of each basically. Do them slow and smooth, focus on the eccentric moves and remember to inhale and exhale. Inhale when you take your legs up, prolonged exhale when your legs come down.

Then a 2 min plank

And last one 6 sets of 1 minute wall squat with the roller supporting your back. 10 seconds recovery in between


a. Plank as a tabata so 8 X20 sec followed by 10sec, don't stand up just roll on your side after 20sec and return in position on the 9th second of the rest

b. Push ups as a tabata same things apply but instead of rolling on the side for rest go into child pose

c. Lemon crunches as tabata same applies but for rest stay on your back. You can do them with legs straight slightly bent on knee or legs 90 degrees and squeeze the virtual lemon on your abs. These are crunches not sit ups


a. the v crunches with the roller we demonstrated on Wednesday. 3 sets of 12-15

b. Squats as a tabata with proper breathing and no 4 sec pause. Breathing in when you go down, exhale air completely out while going up like it's a rocket lift off. don't lock your knees, smooth movements

c. Wall squat as tabata, stay in for 20 sec, slide up for 10 and go down again on the 9th second

Fexibility: after every session stretch by choosing 3 of the moves we do to stretch different muscles groups according to where you feel your muscles are tighter.
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Re: Homework Nov 17th -19th

Postby ClareandBetty » Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:55 pm

Hi Nikos, I'm not too sure about what I'm supposed to do on Monday- sorry, I wasn't there last week.
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Re: Homework Nov 17th -19th

Postby nikos » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:49 am

Hi Clare, you basically go into a push up position with the front of your legs on the roller, you have to play with the positioning of the legs and then just roll in while bringing your knees towards your chest and roll out by going I to a full push up on the extension or superman extension. The move is basically an upside down jack knife in a way. I ll see if I can find it anywhere demonstrated. Apologies for late reply.
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