Session 28th of November & Homework

To discuss the 'xtra' training organised by Nikos for the Club.

Session 28th of November & Homework

Postby nikos » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:45 am

Hi All

Tonight's session won't be happening. Let s have a little break, but I will be posting comprehensive homework for you to do. We have three sessions left for this first term, 5th of Dec, 12th and 19th and they will be extra powerful and super cool. These sessions will really become something super after New Year when everything will be in place then you ll fall in love even more with movement and training

Don't be disappointed please the session is not going ahead today, I need a little break too and you know I really love training with you and sharing more and more from my heart. A long forum post with how to progress with core and strength this week until Wed will be on forum as soon as I write it and post it through a laptop to make sure it s there.

Thank you and would also be lovely to have a talking session at some point as I have a lot to tell you that I can't tell you during the sessions.
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