Pre Christmas social training

To discuss the 'xtra' training organised by Nikos for the Club.

Pre Christmas social training

Postby nikos » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:19 am

Today's 45 min - 1 hr routine starts with standing at a mountain pose on your mat. Join your hands together in front of your chest. Inhale. Exhale and push them together forward, inhale bringing them back to your chest and point them up exhale and push upwards. Repeat this 10 times with all the inhale and exhale and imagining you are pulling a rope in and pushing a wall away on the outward move.

Put the roller on the mat next or floor and start with rolling your lower back gently and gradually let your body fall more on the roller to increase how deep the stimulation is.
Move on to the upper back and using your legs to generate the back and Forth movement roll your upper back all the way to the neck to warm up and stretch at the same time
Move on to the legs doing the hamstrings first with the roller again, then the quads, the calves and finally ITB and abductors (side of the legs). Spend at least 5 minutes on this stage and make sure the flow is continuous and you don't take any breaks.

Straight into strength and we starting with core.

2 sets of the cat movement x 15 controlled focusing on the crunch inwards and the middle point back raise to increase flexibility and bum sticking out to increase the arch when you drop down

Straight into donkey kicks 2 x 25 each leg. Remember the inhale exhale in all exercises .

Turn on the mat now and do pelvis raises (the bridge) 2x20 controlled and with a little pause when you snap at the top. No recovery in between the exercises please

Going into a bicycle crunch with the leg fully extending to it s lowest over the ground position, do this until your abs burn to a level 8 from a scale 1-10

Bring your legs up together while still on your back and do a controlled crunch while lifting your pelvis off the ground so you can activate all three groups 2 sets X 20

Roll on the side and do a 45sec side plank on your elbow or hand on each side. Keep everything aligned and hips ups to have the obliques activated

Now 8 x 1min planks with a 20 sec recovery in between going into superman pose. Fine points your body should be all aligned in one line, hips floating over the ground, squeezing the abs, taking little breaths, closing the eyes and focusing. You must be feeling stronger now that the plank started super strengthening the core.

Go into child pose for 20 secs and then into push ups. You need to do 60, do them in any reps but total should be 60. Controlled slow and inhale down, exhale forcefully on the way up.

Moving into the Spider-Man pose, do this 3 times x 35sec. Make sure you are as parallel to the ground as possible and legs and arms are spread widely.

Moving into lemon crunches 3 x 10. For recovery in between if you need to recover roll into a side crunch.

Moving into legs into core.

Standing position and start slowly staying on your forefoot warming up the ankles that should be warm from the rest of the moves but just making sure.

Move into fast steps, high cadence and little steps staying on your forefoot and heel should barely if not at all touch the ground. Increase cadence and bit more and every 10 steps turn direction. Do this for 2 min.

Then bring the knee higher and continue on fast steps again making no sound going on the ground, if you can hear a thumb then your core and hips are not holding your body floating over the ground. Do this for 2 mins as well standing tall and changing directions

Let s bring the heart rate down, legs swings supporting one hand on the wall 25 in each leg. These are front leg swings.

Then the drill that we crack the egg in between the heel and the bum 15 in each leg, if you can't remember this do a plank for 1min 45secs

Squats 3 x 25 with a little pause. Try to go lower than 90 degrees, looking forward, back as upright as possible and inhale down exhale up.

Into single leg squats (pistol squats) hold somewhere for balance and do 15 single leg one (each leg) then do 15 lunges (not walking ones) and back for another 15 single leg squats. Keep breathing

Into star jumps and this is the only plyometric for this session. Start from a squat position and jump out in a star, 12 of them. You return into a squat to recoil and jump up

Last one is the roller crunch the one you start in crunch position with the roller under the front of your legs, stretch out and in to crunch again 20 good reps of this and really focus on the crunch.

Flexibility now. Start with the soleus stretch for 30 sec
Straighten legs and drop into a rag-doll, extent arms in front of you and just lift you arms up while back is parallel to the ground , drop into a ragdoll and repeat again 5 times. Inhale when you drop into ragdoll exhale when you stretch up

Ragdoll and touch the ground, bend knees if needed. Then straighten legs until you feel the stretch on your hamstrings and deep into the gluteus. Do the technique of inhale in and on the exhale stretch a bit more.

Go into a that position that you are on the mat flat on your front keep your hips snapped forward and raise your body until your arms are fully extended by your side and look up. Do this 10 times.

Roll on your back and with one leg on the floor pull your foot of the other one towards the middle of your body to open the hips. You are lying on your back in this position. Try to keep your body straight. 30 secs each leg and come up into a lotus position and drop your legs on your side to open the hips even more. Stay in that position put your hands together and extent them over your head. Still in lotus position. Going slightly backwards with your body and nicely stretch your abs, chest, arms. Come out of lotus and sit on your heels, first sitting on your toes to stretch them out and then sitting on heels and front of the foot for a good stretch. Do the same arms over your head and drop back. Then arms by your side and drop as back as you can. Remember the inhale exhale technique. Take long deep breaths and on the exhale drop further down.

Child pose and spend 2 minutes relaxing

Shower freshen up and see you at the social. ;-)

From next year sandbags, medicine balls and trx system to make our bodies strong strong strong and flexible. I really have a vision about his becoming something super fabulous.
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